Esoteric Healing Treatment

What is Esoteric Healing, or Bioenergy Treatment?
The practitioners of Esoteric Healing have all been trained extensively in the philosophy and methods as taught through the International Network of Esoteric Healing ( They have been trained to sensitize their hands and inner perception to examine the energy field in detail and depth in order to find alterations in the flow of the energy field. The practitioner does not touch the patient but works within the energy field variable distances away from the patient’s body.

Is the patient required to do anything?

The patient is asked to close their eyes and relax, fully clothed in a chair or on a treatment table. A brief history is obtained prior to each treatment. Working in the energy field often produces an effect of deep relaxation, so it is not difficult to sit still for the 30-40 minutes required for the treatment.

Some patients feel nothing; others feel light movements. Sometimes the effect of the treatment is felt immediately, but more frequently an effect is not observed until a little later. Very occasionally there is a temporary worsening of symptoms before relief is obtained.

The energy fields are influenced by our mental and emotional states, and working in these fields may produce an effect in these areas. We ask the patient to give some quiet time to consider the thoughts, memories, and feelings which may come to the surface of the mind in the days following treatment. This is an area of response to the healing which the patient may deal with privately, but if they wish to talk about their “inner response” they should be encouraged to do so with the practitioner.

Some patients feel so “recharged” with energy following a treatment that they feel like being very active, but we do ask that they should spend the rest of that day quietly to facilitate the healing response.

How many visits does a patient/client need?
There is no rule about this. Occasionally total relief is obtained after one visit, but more usually somewhere between six and ten visits are required.  Does the patient need faith?
No – this is not “faith” healing. We have observed help being received by some very skeptical people! Obviously, if a patient is open-minded they are more likely to be responsive than one who “resist” any help. We are, as a group, non-sectarian. We believe that the God-given healing energies are available to all, whether or not the individual belongs to any religious denomination.

Does Esoteric HealingSM work for everyone?
We find that about 75% of those who come to us for help benefit considerably. About 10% seem to gain no benefit whatsoever. The remaining 15% find that although their problem is not helped, there is an inner change which helps to make their health problems more easily bearable. There are those who come to us who are dying. We offer healing help to make the transition from this life to the next as easy as possible.

Is there a fee for an Esoteric Healing treatment?
Yes. Even though healing energy is free, the fee covers the time involved for the Esoteric Healing practitioner and the administrative costs of operating a business. To schedule an appointment for an Esoteric HealingSM treatment, please call Dr. Barbara Briner, D.O. at 517 703-1800.


Esoteric Healing by Anshu Varma

Esoteric Healing is a powerful healing modality that may be used to complement traditional medicine, clinical psychology and psychiatry. In a nutshell, it works on your energy centers, or “chakras”.

Chakras are centers of energy found in everyone, and these centers receive, transform and distribute that energy throughout the body.  As such, chakras play an important part in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you are experiencing a physical or emotional imbalance, it is quite possible that all that is needed is to rebalance and stimulate the vibrational flow of your chakras.  When your chakras are healthy and clear, life flows smoothly.  When any one Chakra appears sluggish, shut down, or its vibration is weak, the imbalance can show up as a physical symptom affecting a particular area of your body, or as an emotional or psychological symptom affecting your outlook.

Healing can be done in person or remotely.

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Esoteric Healing helps with supporting the immune system, shortens healing time after surgery, reduces pain, relieves stress, and cultivates a sense of inner peace and balance. Working in the energy field, I will scan to feel the energy, sweep or clean away congested energy, and energize or supplement the areas that feel deficient.  The result will be that you will start to feel more confident, energized, and peaceful.

To schedule an appointment, contact Anshu Varma, Esoteric Healing Facilitator.


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Sessions (in person or remote) are $65 per session

Live purposefully, powerfully, peacefully for yourself and those you love/that love you.