Esoteric Healing – A History

The practitioners of Esoteric Healing have all been trained extensively in the philosophy and methods as taught through the National Association of Esoteric Healing (NAEH), the International Network of 

Dr. Barbara J. Brin

Esoteric Healing ( and our Institute for Bioenergy Studies (IBS).  They have been trained to sensitize their hands and inner perception to examine the energy field in detail and depth in order to find alterations in the flow of the energy field.  The practitioner does not touch the patient but works within the energy field variable distances away from the patient’s body.

1 –  How did Esoteric Healing start?

There are many groups throughout the world that use different methods to affect the energy field of a person.  This method of energy healing was begun in England in the early 1960s.  Mrs. Brenda Johnston was an avid student of the Arcane School, a group dedicated to the study of the metaphysical works of Alice A. Bailey.  During this time she began working with a radar scientist, Dr. Rex Riant who was able to “see” points of light and alterations in the energy field.  It was the combination of Dr. Riant, who could see energy points, and Mrs. Johnston, who had the metaphysical understanding, that brought Esoteric Healing into being.

2 – Where did Esoteric Healing come from?

In England, in 1965, a small group of healers led by Brenda Johnston began to discover the significance of the human energy field.  Until this time, most healers had worked though contact with the physical body, but this elite group uncovered a far more effective method of energy diagnosis and treatment.  They found that they could pinpoint weak or congested areas of the field and improve the energy flow.  In turn, the energy field affected the physical body as well as the more subtle levels of the individual’s being resulting in healing of the physical symptom(s).

In 1973, the leader of this group, Brenda was invited to lecture on the work, first in England, and then in Canada and America.  She set up a series of three courses designed to introduce the student to the esoteric anatomy of the energy field, bringing in related spiritual subjects and meditation.  Mrs. Johnston was invited to teach these courses in many countries, including Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa.  It was not until the early 1980s that other teachers began to come forward from among her students to share the workload.  It was then that the “International Health Research Network” was founded.  In 1993, the name was changed to “International Network of Esoteric Healing” (INEH).

The INEH is a group of people brought together by their common interest in healing by means of treating the energy field.  They believe that a true state of good health can only come about when there is a balance between the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

There are currently over 60 INEH and NAEH instructors teaching in over 16 countries including Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Brazil, as well as countries in Europe, in Canada, and the USA.

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