Class Descriptions


There is NO pre-requisite to taking the Part I class.  However, all classes are sequential and cannot be taken out of sequence.  All needed anatomy (basic) is taught in the class.  Supplemental study is, of course, beneficial, but not required.

Within all of the courses are metaphysical subjects and the beginning practice of meditation, in order to develop focus and intuition.  This is spiritual, but not religious.  The course does not favor any particular religion, but focuses on the generic spiritual make-up and development of everyone.

Parts 1-4 are taught world-wide by accredited National Association of Esoteric Healing (NAEH) and International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH) teachers . Each class is 4  days long – from Friday through Monday ending at 6:00 pm.  Classes alternate between lecture and plenty of practice time and practical exercise.  This is interspersed with abundant laughs, time to develop friendships, and wonderful food breaks to keep everyone fueled!


Tuition for Parts 1-4: $450.00 per class (including a registration fee of $75.00)

PART 1 – Introduction to Esoteric Healing

Sensing energy

The Chakras – assessment and balancing

Introduction to Meditation

Principles of Healing

Treatment Session

Day by Day Schedule -Part 1 (Clickable/Printable schedule)

PART 2 – Integration

Constitution of the Human Being

Deepening the work /understanding of the chakras and related systems

The 3 Legged Stool of Spiritual Growth


The Rays – An Introduction

Day by Day Course Schedule – Part 2 (Clickable/Printable schedule)

PART 3 – The Cosmic Scene

Esoteric Psychology

Continued work of the centers

EH – Level 5 class 2013

Introduction to the Centers on the Head

Birth – Life – Death


Day by Day Course Schedule – Part 3 (Clickable/Printable schedule)

PART 4 – Synthesis

Esoteric Psychology

Meditation – continued

The Seven Rays

Vagus nerve

The Senses

Additional study of the centers and application

Day by Day Course Schedule – Part 4 (Clickable/Printable schedule)

The next 4 levels of coursework are all dependent on the successful completion of Parts 1-4 from an accredited NAEH or INEH teacher and are to be taken in sequence as one course builds an understanding and skills gained from the prior course.  Inherent in all of the courses is the continued practice of daily meditation.

Levels 5-8 were developed and copyrighted by Dr. Barbara Briner and Taught by Dr. Briner through the Institute for Bioenergy Studies. Each class is 4.5  days long – from Friday through Tuesday ending at 1:00 pm.  Classes alternate between lecture and plenty of practice time and practical exercise.  

Tuition for Levels 5-8: $500.00 per class (including a registration fee of $75.00)

LEVEL 5 – The Path of the Lighted Way

New triangles

Autonomic Nervous System

The Rays – understanding and assessment

The Causal body


Day by Day Course Schedule – Level 5 (Clickable/Printable schedule)

LEVEL 6 – Homeward Bound

Emotional and Mental bodies

Causal body

Higher centers

The brain (Esoteric neuroanatomy)

LEVEL 7 – Spirit to Spirit

In-depth study of birth and death processes

The levels of the Spiritual Triad

Introduction to the Monad

LEVEL 8 – The Blue Pearl

The Monad

Ida, Pingala, Sushumna

Discussion of Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Higher Initiations


LEVEL 9 – …In development…

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